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Currently Iconify is available only as JavaScript library for browsers. This makes Iconify usable on web pages. To use Iconify without relying on Iconify API there is possibility to host custom API and bundle icons with custom scripts.

Additionally when browsing icons, when you select any icon, you can copy or download SVG code. You can use it in editors or embed SVG directly into pages instead of using Iconify JavaScript.

Applications built with technologies such as React or Angular can use Iconify HTML syntax for browsers instead of dedicated components. Iconify JavaScript will replace placeholders generated dynamically by framework with SVG.

However in future it will change.

Plan is to create dedicated React and Angular components in early 2019. Support for other frameworks can be added too. What will be different from using current Iconify JavaScript? It will be proper components that generate SVG, not placeholders and generated bundle will include all SVG data. It will not require Iconify JavaScript. Of course you can continue using current placeholder syntax if you prefer. All integration methods planned for future will add new options, not replace existing options.

Additionally integration is planned for XenForo 2 forum software. It will feature icon picker component that will include icon search, custom option and style property types, custom XenForo template tags, making it easy to add icon pickers to third party styles and add-ons. This is currently in development, plan is to release it sometime late December 2018 or early January 2019.