Unified icons framework

More than 100 icon sets, one library.
Over 100,000 open source vector icons.

There are many excellent icon sets available. Each icon set has its own custom syntax, some are available only as fonts. Unfortunately, almost all of them load an entire set, even if you are displaying just a few icons. This makes it hard to use different icon sets.

Iconify tries to unify all icon sets. You can use the same code no matter what icon set you choose. You can mix icons from multiple icon sets on the same page.

100k+ icons
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SVG Framework usage:

<script src="https://code.iconify.design/2/2.2.1/iconify.min.js"></script>

React usage:

import { Icon } from '@iconify/react';

Svelte usage:

import Icon from '@iconify/svelte';

What icons are available?

By default, Iconify offers over 100,000 icons from more than 100 open source icon sets.

All icons are validated, cleaned up, optimised and regularly updated.

You can use Iconify with your own icons or with premium icon sets too.

How to use icon data?

Data for all open source icons is stored in simple to use JSON format and can be retrieved from:

You can use icon data in custom tools, custom icon components. You can also convert your own icons to JSON format using Iconify libraries.

Icon components, plugins

For developers Iconify offers:

Latest Iconify Updates


Iconify is an open source project.

Iconify SVG framework is dual licensed under Apache 2.0 license and GPL 2.0 license. You may select, at your option, one of the above-listed licenses.

Other icon components and tools are licensed under MIT license.

Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses allows pretty much anything, including commercial use.

GPL 2.0 license allows use with more restrictive popular open source projects.

This license does not apply to icons. Icons are released under different licenses, see each icon set for details. Icon sets available by default are all licensed under some kind of open source license.

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