Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for and sub-domains.

This website is intended for IT professionals who understand how internet works, so this document avoids unnecessary long explanations.

Personal data

Iconify website does not store any private data. There are currently no login or sign up forms, no user accounts.


Iconify website does not use cookies, therefore there is no form to accept cookies.

However, some third party services used by website might use cookies:


Iconify uses CloudFlare service for some parts of website to improve speed and security. CloudFlare sometimes does store cookies to improve performance.


Some pages on Iconify website contain ads. It helps to pay for servers running Iconify website and API.

Advertising is done via third party, it does not use cookies.

Google Analytics

Iconify uses Google Analytics to provide basic information about visitors: where visitors came from, how many visitors there are and so on. It helps improve user experience. Google Analytics does use cookies, see Google Analytics privacy policy for details.

Browser storage

Iconify scripts use browser storage to cache icon data. Data does not contain any personal data. Data is generic, not specific to any user. The only purpose is to speed up loading icon data, similar to browser cache.