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Freedom to choose icons

All popular icon sets, one framework.

Over 200,000 open source vector icons.

Iconify makes it easy to avoid vendor lock-in.

You can use many open source icon sets with a large choice of open source icon components. Thousands of high-quality icons from 100+ icon sets, all validated, cleaned up, optimised and always up to date.

Material Design, Phosphor, Remix, Carbon, Bootstrap, Tabler, Feather, Fluent, IconPark, Octicons and many other icon sets. Twitter Emoji, Fluent Emoji, EmojiOne, Noto Emoji are also available as icon sets.

Use them with the same tools, same reusable and customisable icon components:

You can also get raw SVG using various tools and embed them in your pages without any components.

Iconify is supported by a growing community. In addition to Iconify icon components, there are now more ways to use icons, created by amazing open source developers:

Where to start?

For advanced usage, check out Iconify documentation. There are sections for every part of the project.

Support Iconify

Iconify is an open source project, not backed by a large company.

If you are using Iconify in your projects, please consider supporting Iconify development.


Iconify is an open source project.

Almost all parts of the project use MIT license. Some older packages use Apache 2.0 and/or GPL 2.0 licenses.

This license does not apply to icons. Icon sets use various open source licenses, see each icon set for details.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.