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Available icon sets list

If you are not using full icon sets package, which contains collections.json, you might need to know list of available open source icon sets.

There are several ways to get it:

In @iconify/collections and full icon sets package you'll find collections.json with list of all icon sets.


Data is stored as an object, where key is icon set prefix, value is icon set information in IconifyInfo format.


If you are using @iconify/collections package, you can import icon sets list directly from @iconify/collections/collections.json as default import or use named import:

jsimport { collections } from '@iconify/collections';

Code above uses JSON modules, which does not work with outdated version of Node.js. If you are using older version of Node, importing JSON files requires running script with "--experimental-json-modules" flag.

Alternatively, for older versions of Node.js you can use require():

jsconst collections = require('@iconify/collections/collections.json');

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.