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This function is part of IconSet class in Iconify Tools.

Function remove() deletes an icon.


Function has the following parameters:

  • name, string. Icon name.
  • removeDependencies, boolean|string. Optional, default is true. What to do with aliases and variations that use removed icon as parent icon.

Function returns number of removed items.

Possible values for removeDependencies property:

  • true removes icon, all aliases and variations.
  • false removes only icon, does not change aliases and variations.
  • string removes icon, changes parent property for aliases and variations to provided value.


tsimport { IconSet } from '@iconify/tools';

const iconSet = new IconSet({
   prefix: 'codicon',
   icons: {
       'add': {
           body: '<g fill="currentColor"><path d="M14 7v1H8v6H7V8H1V7h6V1h1v6h6z"/></g>',
       'debug-pause': {
           body: '<g fill="currentColor"><path d="M4.5 3H6v10H4.5V3zm7 0v10H10V3h1.5z"/></g>',
           hidden: true,
       'triangle-left': {
           body: '<g fill="currentColor"><path d="M10.44 2l.56.413v11.194l-.54.393L5 8.373v-.827L10.44 2z"/></g>',
   aliases: {
       'plus': {
           parent: 'add',
       'triangle-right': {
           parent: 'triangle-left',
           hFlip: true,

// Removes 'add' and 'plus' icons

// Removes 'triangle-left' icon.
// Variation 'triangle-right' no longer has valid parent, but still exists in icon set.
iconSet.remove('triangle-left', false);

// Export icon set. 'triangle-right' will be in result because export() does not validate icons.
   "prefix": "codicon",
   "icons": {
       "debug-pause": {
           "body": "<g fill=\"currentColor\"><path d=\"M4.5 3H6v10H4.5V3zm7 0v10H10V3h1.5z\"/></g>",
           "hidden": true
   "aliases": {
       "triangle-right": { "parent": "triangle-left", "hFlip": true }

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.