About Iconify

Iconify was created by Vjacheslav Trushkin in 2016 as a small side-project, was first published in 2018 as proof of concept and was officially registered as a startup in 2020.

The company will be seeking investers as soon as the second stage of the project is complete.

Why was Iconify created?

For over a decade I have been designing forum styles (for phpBB and XenForo). As a designer I was always struggling to find suitable icons. When using icon fonts icons often looked blurred and they were hard to align properly. Also my customers wanted to customize styles, for example add new menu items, but they could not find suitable icons.

Because of that in 2016 I have decided to create an SVG framework for my forum styles. It was the beginning of Iconify. Then during the next few years it changed from a small side project to a big project.

Project Stages

Stage 1: Proof of concept

First version, published in late 2018, was a proof of concept.

Original idea was to publish an SVG framework to check if the idea of an SVG framework with load on demand tech would work. It was also a test to see if there is interest in such a framework.

Since publishing version 1, Iconify project has been rapidly growing. That led to expanding project:

  • Iconify for React has been published and was a successful side-project. It offered the same massive choice of icons, but without load on demand tech, allowing it to work without access to API.
  • Plug-ins for Sketch and Figma have been published, based on early versions of Icon Finder. Currently Iconify for Figma is the second most popular plug-in for Figma.

Stage 2 (current stage): Production quality code, icon finder

This is where the project is at now.

Entire project is being re-written using a modular approach, allowing various packages to share code.

New version is being re-written from ground up in TypeScript, using modern build and testing processes.

Second version of Iconify is close to completion.

What are the goals of the second stage?

  • Production ready SVG framework.
  • Components for various frameworks (React, Vue, Svelte).
  • Icon finder and plug-ins based on it. Icon finder will make it easy to add icon search to applications, such as website builders, theme customisers and so on. It is currently being tested as plug-ins for Sketch and Figma.
  • Revamp of documentation.

Stage 3 (future goals): Expansion, integration, offers for businesses

Third stage will begin after stage 2 is complete. Goals to reach:

  • Solutions for businesses (see below).
  • Seek funding to hire additional developers to speed up development.
  • Automate icon publishing for designers.

Iconify for Businesses

During Iconify development, several companies have shown interest in commercial implementations.

There will be several directions of business development:

  • Solutions for selling commercial icon sets. Solutions will include software packages that companies can host themselves and managed icon hosting.
  • Solutions for custom icon finder. Design agencies that offer their customers theme customisers that want to add icon picker to their customisers, do want to keep everything on their own servers. Iconify will offer easy to install solutions for that.

Contact Information

Iconify OÜ is a registered company in Estonia, registration code 14973677.

Founder's Linked.in profile.