About Iconify


My name is Vjacheslav Trushkin

I am a freelance full stack developer from Estonia and creator of Iconify.

For over a decade I have been designing forum styles (for phpBB and XenForo). As designer I was always struggling to find suitable icons. When using icon fonts icons often looked blurred and they were hard to align properly. Also my customers wanted to customize styles, for example add new menu items, but they could not find suitable icons.

Because of that in 2016 I have decided to create SVG framework for my forum styles. It was beginning of SimpleSVG project.

In late 2018 when project was close to being ready, I have renamed it from SimpleSVG to Iconify.

Project goals

There are several goals of Iconify project:

Unified framework

There are many amazing icon sets designed by different designers.

With Iconify designers are no longer limited to 1-2 sets of icons. Any mix of icons can be used on same page without loading multiple fonts.

Viable replacement for icon fonts

Icons from fonts are rendered differently on different operating systems, even in different browsers on same operating system. They are hard to align, they are hard to customize and visitors need to load entire fonts just to display few icons, along with css files.

Iconify solved that.

Iconify is first SVG framework to offer load on demand approach to loading icons. Instead of loading entire icon sets, only icons used on page are loaded.

Iconify renders icons as SVG, not font, so icons render identically in all browsers and are easy to align.

Easy to publish icons

This goal is not achieved yet.

In future Iconify will offer simple tools to publish custom icons directly to Iconify API. Also I would love to make it possible to export icons to API directly from editors, such as Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

This is a very complex task that will take a while to finish.

Easy integration

This goal is not achieved yet, but close to completion.

There are many software packages that allow customization, such as changing UI. Changing icons is not easy.

Iconify will soon offer icon finder component that will be easy to integrate into software, allowing users to change icons when customizing that software.

You can see early version in Sketch plug-in.

In future I want to make Iconify a simple platform where designers can publish their icons, other designers can use hundreds of thousands of icons in their projects.


Iconify is dual licensed under Apache 2.0 license and GPL 2.0 license. You may select, at your option, one of the above-listed licenses.

Apache 2.0 license allows pretty much anything, including commercial use.

GPL 2.0 license allows use with more restrictive popular open source projects.

This license does not apply to icons. Icons are released under different licenses, see each collection for details. Icon collections available by default are all licensed under some kind of open source or free license, making it possible to use them in Iconify project.