Supporting Iconify

Iconify needs your help!

Iconify started out as a small side project, but then grew into a huge project that just cannot be maintained in free time and requires full time development. Today it is a complex project with many parts, which require constant development and maintenance.

In addition to development time, there are server costs for various parts of project, mostly API servers that provide icon data and custom search engine.

If you are using Iconify in your work, please consider supporting Iconify.

How can I support Iconify?

If you can afford it, please help out.

There are several ways to help:

If you represent a company and are willing to help or interested in sponsorship, Iconify OÜ is a company registered in Estonia and can provide invoices and other paperwork you might want. Please contact via email or phone. See contact information. support!

Thanks to Around for sponsoring Iconify plugin for Figma!

Around is an excellent collaboration tool designed for developers. Check them out!