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Generate CSS for icons with Iconify Utils

This method requires a bit of coding, using Node.js.

If you are not using Node.js or not comfortable with code below, consider other methods of generating CSS for icons.


If you do not have a Node.js app, you need to create one to generate CSS.

There are plenty tutorials on how Node.js works, short version of steps:

  • Install Node.js on your computer.
  • Create directory for project, run npm init -y to create basic project.


You need to install 2 dependencies:

To install them, run

npm install --save-dev @iconify/utils @iconify/json

Build script

Process of building CSS is simple:

  • Load icon set.
  • Generate CSS for icons you need from that icon set.
  • Save it to .css file.
jsimport { readFile, writeFile } from 'node:fs/promises';
import { getIconsCSS } from '@iconify/utils';
import { locate } from '@iconify/json';

* List of icons. Key is icon set prefix, value is array of icons
* @type {Record<string, string[]>}

const icons = {
   'mdi': ['home', 'menu'],
   'mdi-light': ['alert-circle', 'circle', 'help-circle'],

// Parse each icon set
let code = '';
for (const prefix in icons) {
   // Find location of .json file
   const filename = locate(prefix);

   // Load file and parse it
   /** @type {import("@iconify/types").IconifyJSON} */
   const iconSet = JSON.parse(await readFile(filename, 'utf8'));

   // Get CSS
   const css = getIconsCSS(iconSet, icons[prefix]);

   // Add it to code
   code += css;

// Save CSS file
await writeFile('assets/style.css', code, 'utf8');
console.log(`Saved CSS (${code.length} bytes)`);

Change list of icons, location of .css file, run it to build CSS.


To use those icons in HTML, use <span> elements with 2 class names: class name for icon set, class name for icon.

html<span class="icon--mdi-light icon--mdi-light--alert-circle"></span>


There are options for getIconsCSS() that you can use to customise generated CSS.

See getIconsCSS() documentation.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.