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Iconify Tools

Iconify Tools is a set of reusable functions for importing, exporting, and parsing icons.

Library is written in TypeScript, is available as ES modules for modern development and CommonJS for older scripts.


To install library run:

npm install @iconify/tools --save


In Iconify Tools, all functions for parsing icons work with 2 main classes:

  • SVG represents one icon. This class is used when icon's elements need to be manipulated.
  • IconSet represents an icon set with easy to use functions for managing icons.


To start working with an icon set, you can either create blank icon set or import icon set from some source.

Documentation from importing icons:

Before using Iconify Tools, you should be aware that package is opinionated. Certain tags are not allowed and will cause import to fail. See SVG import limitations.

Cleanup and validation

Cleaning up and validating icons is the first thing you should do after importing icons if icons come from:

  • Image editing software. Often software leaves a lot of junk code in icons, which must be removed.
  • Third party. You need to make sure icons do not contain scripts, events.

See cleanupSVG() documentation.


Iconify Tools offer several functions for manipulating icons. You can:

  • Check or change color palette.
  • Optimise icon.
  • Fix <path> elements to support old software.

See icon manipulation functions for list of available functions.


After manipulating icons, you can export icon set to various formats.

Documentation from exporting icons:

Package functions

In addition to managing icons, Iconify Tools has several functions to manage packages and repositories:

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.