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This property is part of IconSet class in Iconify Tools.

Property entries contains data for all icons.

Avoid accessing entries if you can, use the following functions instead:

Icon types

There are 3 types of icon items in IconSet: "icon", "variation", "alias".

"icon" represents a full unique icon.

"variation" represents variation of another icon. It has the following properties:

  • parent, string. Name of parent icon.

and at least one of the transformations:

  • rotate rotation by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
  • hFlip horizontal flip.
  • vFlip vertical flip.

Variations make it easy to create clones of icons, such as arrow-left after creating arrow-right.

"alias" is an alternative name for icon. It has the following property:

  • parent, string. Name of parent icon.

Aliases can be created to have different name for icon. If you have renamed some icon, alias can be used to allow users to use old name.


Property entries is a simple object, where key is icon name and value is IconSetIconEntry entry.

IconSetIconEntry type

Type IconSetIconEntry is a set of 3 types:

  • IconSetIcon represents icon (type = 'icon').
  • IconSetIconAlias represents alias (type = 'alias').
  • IconSetIconVariation represents icon variation (type = 'variation').

To check the type, access type property of icon data.


The following properties exist only in IconSetIcon type:

  • body, string. Icon content.

The following properties exist on IconSetIcon and IconSetIconVariation types:

The following properties exist on IconSetIconVariation and IconSetIconAlias types:

  • parent, string. Parent item. Parent item can be any type, though usually it is an icon.

The following properties exist on all types:

  • chars, Set<string>. List of characters, see chars() function.

CommonIconProps type

Type CommonIconProps is mix of common properties that exist in both ExtendedIconifyIcon and ExtendedIconifyAlias types. It is almost identical to IconifyIcon type, but with small differences:

  • New property: hidden, boolean.
  • Property body does not exist. It is available in IconSetIcon type.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.