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SVG validation in Iconify Tools

When importing SVG in Iconify Tools, there are some limitations, which cannot be changed.

Any icons containing the following will not be imported:

  • Scripts.
  • External resources.
  • Raster images.
  • Text.

Iconify is very strict when it comes to security and quality. Icons should look identical for all users, regardless of browser and operating system.


Not allowing scripts should be obvious. Scripts can be malicious. Also, scripts are not executed when icon is used as url(), so they might not even work.

External resources

Relying on external resources is not ok:

  • Those resources might not be available for all users.
  • It might be used for tracking.

There are no valid use cases for external resources in public SVG.

Raster images

SVGs are meant to scale. Raster images do not belong in SVG.


Text is rendered differently in different browsers and operating systems. This is not acceptable. Icons should render identically for all users.

Convert text to vector shapes.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.