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Iconify for Figma

With the Iconify plugin for Figma you can:

  • Import icons. You can also drag and drop icons from plugin to Figma.
  • Quickly replace selected icon.

It is completely free! Unlike other plugins that offer many icons, but require payment to use SVG, Iconify always imports icons as SVG. Iconify project is open source and offers only open source icon sets.

Plugin remembers the last page you have visited, making it easy to continue searching or browsing icons.

For visitors that have small monitors, the plugin offers compact mode. Button to toggle compact mode is in the top right corner of the plugin window.


You can install Iconify for Figma from Iconify plugin page.


In Figma menu select "Plugins", then select "Iconify".

Browse or search icons, select any icon, click "Import Icon" button or drag icon to the Figma document.

After opening the plugin, you will see the main page:

Iconify for Figma: main page

Click any icon set or search icons.

When you click an icon set, the plugin will show you all icons in that icon set. You can filter icons by categories (if the current icon set has them), search icons.

To show more icons, simply scroll the icons list.

Iconify for Figma: icon set

You can also search all icon sets for icons. For example, search for "cat":

Iconify for Figma: icon search results

The plugin will show you all icons that match your keyword.

When you hover any icon, you will see icon details, including information about the author and the license.

Select any icon to import it or drag and drop icon from the plugin window to the Figma document.

If you want to return to the list of icon sets, click the arrow button above search results.

Iconify for Figma: navigation

If you want to see the menu with the search form, click the menu button in the top left corner.

Iconify for Figma: navigation

Iconify for Figma: navigation

Advanced import

When you select an icon, it will appear in page footer with options:

Iconify for Figma: icon code

For icons that do not have a hardcoded palette, color picker is available, showing recently used colors and available color styles:

Iconify for Figma: color picker

Top option "Show color picker" is a button. Click it to see a color picker.

Compact mode

If you have limited window space available, you can make the plugin window even smaller.

Click the compact window button in the top right corner and the plugin window will become much smaller:

Iconify for Figma: compact mode

Iconify for Figma: compact mode

Support and feedback

Feedback is welcome.

See "feedback" page in the plugin or visit support page on website.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.