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Last icon set modification time

Most icon sets have last modification time in lastModified property of IconifyJSON object.

If you have cached icon data, you might want to see if it was updated. You can do that by requesting icon data again, but that is inefficient.

With /last-modified API query you can get lastModified value for multiple icon sets with one simple query!


API query is /last-modified.

Optional parameters:

  • prefix, string. Icon set prefix if you want to get result only for one icon set.
  • prefixes, string. Comma separated list of icon set prefixes. You can use partial prefixes that end with "-", such as "mdi-" matches "mdi-light".

Response contains lastModified object, where key is icon set prefix, value is lastModified property from that icon set.

   "lastModified": {
       "mdi": 1665726087,
       "tabler": 1667373464,
       "mdi-light": 1656182719

Error response

If requested icon sets are not found, server returns an empty object:

   "lastModified": {}


tsexport interface APIv3LastModifiedResponse {
   lastModified: Record<string, number>;

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.