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This function is part of IconSet class in Iconify Tools.

Function setIcon() adds new icon to icon set or overwrites existing item.


Function has the following parameters:

Function returns a simple true on success, false on failure.


tsimport { blankIconSet } from '@iconify/tools';

// Create icon set, add few icons
const iconSet = blankIconSet('test-prefix');
iconSet.setIcon('add', {
   body: '<path d="M14 7v1H8v6H7V8H1V7h6V1h1v6h6z"/>',
iconSet.setIcon('triangle-left', {
   body: '<g fill="currentColor"><path d="M10.44 2l.56.413v11.194l-.54.393L5 8.373v-.827L10.44 2z"/></g>',
iconSet.setVariation('triangle-right', 'triangle-left', {
   hFlip: true,

// Set information = {
   name: 'Test',
   author: {
       name: 'Me',
   license: {
       title: 'MIT',

// Export icon set
const data = iconSet.export();
console.log(JSON.stringify(data, null, '\t'));

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.