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Iconify for Vue function: replaceIDs

This tutorial is part of Iconify for Vue functions tutorial.

The function replaceIDs() finds IDs in SVG and replaces them with unique random IDs.

This function is meant to be used when you generate <svg> element yourself using data provided by getIcon().


The function has the following parameters:

  • data, string. Icon content.
  • prefix, string|function. Optional prefix for generated IDs. It can be a string or a callback that returns string.

The function returns string containing icon data with IDs replaced.


This is a rather useless example. In real code, this function is used when generating SVG code samples in Icon Finder, which is not as simple as this example.

jsimport { replaceIDs, getIcon } from '@iconify/vue';

// Get icon data
const data = getIcon('carbon:deploy');

// Get content
const body = replaceIDs(data.body);

console.log('Icon content:', body);

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.