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SVG framework function: stopObserving

This tutorial is part of Iconify SVG Framework functions tutorial.

Function stopObserving() tells SVG framework to stop watching HTML element for icon placeholders.

When to use this function:

  • If you want to remove observer for document.body. However, consider using pauseObserver() instead.
  • If you are watching custom element, such as Shadow DOM and want to stop watching it (for example, when you are about to remove that element).


Function has the following parameter:

  • root, HTMLElement. Element to stop observing.


js// Create element, start watching it.
function createNode() {
   let clicked = false;

   // Create element, set content.
   const node = document.createElement('a');
   node.innerHTML =
       '<span class="iconify" data-icon="carbon:circle-dash"></span>';

   // Change icon on click.
   node.addEventListener('click', () => {
       clicked = !clicked;
               clicked ? 'carbon:circle-filled' : 'carbon:circle-dash'

   // Observe changes.
   // This is not needed if you are adding element to document.body because document.body is already
   // automatically watched. Use this if element is part of Shadow DOM or some other custom elements tree.

   return node;

// Stop watching element.
// Always stop observing element if you no longer need it!
// SVG framework doesn't know if you still need an element.
function removeNode(node) {

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.