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IconifyIconName type

IconifyIconName is a simple object with the following properties, all properties are mandatory:

  • provider, string. API provider. For public Iconify API value is an empty string "".
  • prefix, string. Icon set prefix.
  • name, string. Icon name.

API providers

API providers allow using icons from multiple API servers in the same document. For example, you can use default Iconify icons and custom icons from IconScout or Icons8 or custom API.

Public API






See API providers documentation for details.


   "provider": "",
   "prefix": "md",
   "name": "home"
Because prefix does not contain hyphen, icon can also be referred as 'md-home'

Another example:

   "provider": "local",
   "prefix": "line-icons",
   "name": "arrow-left"

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.