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Changing icon size in Iconify for Tailwind CSS

This documentation explains how to change icon size and color for addDynamicIconSelectors plugin.

Icon size

By default, icons are rendered with 1em height.

Width is set automatically, using icon's width/height ratio. Though the vast majority of icons are square, so usually width is the same as height.

To change icon size, you can change font size:

html<span class="icon-[mdi-light--home] text-2xl"></span>

Additionally, you can:

  • Change default size by using scale option.
  • Remove size by setting scale to 0 and use width and height to resize icon.

Scaling icon

Option scale changes default icon size from 1em.

The following configuration

   scale: 1.2,

changes default height to 1.2em.

You can use font size to further resize icons, like in the example above, but icons will be 1.2 times bigger.

Custom size

To use width and height to resize icons, you need to set scale to 0:

   scale: 0,

If you do this, icons will not have width and height, so you must set size to each icon:

html<span class="icon-[mdi-light--home] h-12 w-12"></span>

Multiple sizes

What if you want to use 1em icons, icons without size and icons with fixed size in pixels in the same project?

You can use multiple instances of plugin with different settings and different selectors:

jsplugins: [
   // Default options, 1em height
   // No size
       // Change prefix
       prefix: 'icon-nosize',
       // Disable width and height
       scale: 0,
 Icon with 1em size:
 <span class="icon-[mdi-light--home]"></span>
 Icon without size (using custom width/height):
 <span class="icon-nosize-[mdi-light--home] h-12 w-12"></span>

Note that prefix option in plugin config does not have "-" at the end, but it does in HTML. This is due to Tailwind CSS requirements for dynamic selectors. Make sure to not forget "-" in HTML.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.